Site: Solna, Sweden
Area: 300.000 m2
Status: District plan

Stora Frösunda is on the drawing board at the moment; the area is being transformed from a traffic-dominated industrial area into a new and attractive district in the centre of Solna Council, a part of Stockholm.

The district is constructed around a block structure, which forms a series of different streets. A broad village street is the common structural element connecting the district to Solna Station. To the southwest the village street ends in a small town square, Entrétorget, which leads light traffic out of the district. To the northeast the village street ends in a future tram stop. The village street is designed as a luxuriant green promenade with a broad central field where a division into zones creates room for many different activities in a limited area. Level divisions and compact planting zones provide surprisingly spacious variation and room for consumer groups with different needs and interests. In combination the many activities taking place on the promenade provide a lively and attractive view along the village street.

From the village street three green streets lead to the urban park, which constitutes the end of the district towards an existing park. The new urban park provides a modern supplement to the existing classical promenade park and contains several and varied spaces. Together it constitutes an exciting park that communicates a story about the development of the area. Stora Frösunda is a condensed urban landscape with classical urban elements, the park, the promenade and the square.

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