Guangxi, Kina

Landskaps areal

35.450 m2

Projektet status



The main task of the project is to bring a new layer able to turn the space more alive and enthusiastic, with activities and other leisure areas. Our proposal is to transform the site in a active park, open to everybody, near the city. This park leads the place to another commercial and economic level, valuing it and transforming it in a center and relevant place for opportunities and trades. The project design respect the place and the surroundings, bringing also a layer of sustainable responsible, transforming in a advance place where the environmental health is respected and preserved, not only by the nature place on it, but also by the infrastructures built.

This place have the ambition to work as a social gathering, where is possible to meet everybody of all the social statutes and where everybody can find a activity suitable.

The project is divided in two parts.
The parkour park, that will be in the south of the project scope, working as a meet up point.
And some other spread activities in the project as climbing walls, climbing frames, rolls of grasses to walk in, and multifunction benches, where you can have a rest or you cans also use for other activities like parkour!