Jonas P. Berglund

Jonas P. Berglund

Partner and co-owner of Kragh&Berglund Landskabsarkitektur og Urban Design

Tel: +45 35 25 15 18
Cell: +45 31 48 08 00

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Year of birth


Educational background
1992-98 Landscape Architect, MDL. Graduated from the Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen
1995-96 Semester at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’
School of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning in Copenhagen

Danish, Swedish and English

Danish Association of Landscape Architectural Firms
The Danish Landscape Architects’ Association

2001 – 03 FFNS Arkitekter, Karlskrona
1996 – 01 Søren Robert Lund Architects MAA
1994 – 95 Trainee at Sven Ingvar Andersson
1991 – 96 Trainee at Jacobsson & Widmark

Work experience
Eleven years of drawing office experience in all project development phases from analysis to concept development to design and project planning, project management, concept development, design development.

Jonas is the chief design partner in the design team

Jonas is a project manager and senior partner in the company and has eleven years of experience as a planning and project architect.

Jonas has a systematic approach to the tasks and is good at delivering innovative solutions that cater for the users’ requirements, provide optimum use of the space and its surroundings and meet the requirements for innovation. It is important for him that the main idea of the draft phase is followed through the entire planning process in order to achieve coherence between concept and detail. Jonas participates in design loops in all company tasks and he is involved in strengthening and concreting the projects and ensuring a high quality.

Jonas is responsible for the Swedish projects and has worked on projects in Sweden from project planning of parks, open spaces and major project planning tasks, from concept to authority handling and execution.

Selected references
Umeå Water Treatment Plant, Sweden, landscape plan, first prize in competition, under construction 2010
Rondell Södra Vägen, Kalmar, Sweden, proposal for design of roundabout, under construction 2010
Höör, Sweden, landscape plan for housing subdivision, under construction 2010
BCL – Chauyang Project, proposal for outdoor areas for shopping outlet, first prize in competition, under construction 2010
Urban Farming & Green Wall, Shanghai, China, proposal for roof garden and green wall, completed 2010
St. Frösunda, Stockholm, Sweden, master plan for new housing development, under construction 2010
Tractor Factory, Tianjin, China, master plan for new housing development, under construction 2010
Bällsta Torg, proposal for new city square, under construction 2010
Shanghai Western, proposal for new station area / transport hub, competition, completed 2010
Ångfärjan Helsingborg, Sweden, master plan for centre harbour, competition, completed 2009
Spetsamosen, Växjö, Sweden, sketch proposal for new city park, completed 2008-2009
Älvsjö Torg, Stockholm, Sweden, proposal for new city square, completed 2007-2008
Kalmar Stads Rondeller, Kalmar, Sweden, analysis and design programme for the city’s roundabouts, completed 2007
Änglamark, Immeln, Östra Göinge, Sweden, development plan for new holiday house area, completed 2007
Bastasjö Förskola, Karlskrona, Sweden, proposal for playground, completed 2007
Karlskrona Stadsmiljö Programme, Karlskrona, Sweden, programme for urban environment and design, completed 2007
Naturum, Ronneby Blekinge County, Sweden, landscape plan, completed 2006
Klaipedaplats, Karlskrona, Sweden, proposal for new city square, completed 2006
Vidablick, Ålderdomshem, Ronneby, Sweden, proposal for open areas, completed 2006-2007
Norrliden Centrum, Kalmar, Sweden, proposal for renovation of square, completed 2006
Block 8, Loudian Town, Shanghai, China, landscape plan for housing development, completed 2006
Hästö Förskola, Karlskrona, Sweden, proposal for playground, completed 2006
Sandvig, Bornholm, Denmark, workshop for residents’ group, completed 2006
Malmö by Light, Sweden, proposal for street lighting, first prize in competition, completed 2005
Ronneby Brunnspark, Sweden, lighting project, completed 2005
Loudian Town, Shanghai, China, master plan, completed 2003-2004
Norra Skånes Renhållnings Anläggning, Sweden, landscape plan, completed 2001