Location: Tianjin, China
Area/size: 80.000 m2
Status: completed May 2013

Samaranch Memorial is a romantic park surrounding the museum celebrating Juan Antonio Samaranch – the former Spanish president of the Olympic Games. The project was won in an invited competition, with a proposal that places the museum inside a park that forms a slightly hilly landscape inspired by the dune landscapes found at the Danish coast along the North Sea.

The park features a lake, a soft molding landscape of grassy hills and pine trees situated in small groups following the hills. The main feature is the lake in front of the museum, and it serves as the central and peaceful “heart” of the park. The park has a delicate system of paths and walkways, designed with various patterns in black and white. The paths expand on strategic locations to create open plazas. Throughout the entire site, rainwater is led from the green areas down into the central lake, and out into the nearby canal.

The proposal creates its very own intimate site for the museum.

Collaborators: Archiland, HAO Architects, COWI, TADI

Copyrights: Archiland ltd photos and buildings, Kragh & Berglund Landscape Architects a/s.

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