Kragh&Berglund is an architecture studio in the intersection between architecture, landscape and urban environments.

We have a large international scope and pursue an intense exchange between our offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Beijing.


We assist clients and other professionals in making the best decisions when it comes to innovative development of cities and landscapes. With critical professionalism and an ethical approach to urban challenges, we create the sustainable environments of the future.

We try to solve an issue, creating as much added value as possible, for the client, the users, the city and the nearby areas.

Our goal is to develop and improve the unique identity of a place in interaction with nature and playful social elements, ensuring increased quality of life for everyone. We know that well-functioning architecture is democratic and social architecture, which is developed in close interaction with the users. And we believe that co-ownership and equality are the foundation of a better and more sustainable society.


Skovbrynet Basecamp ungdomsboliger. Bygherre Basecamp.

• 10 x Titan Property Award prisvinder 2021

• Estate media prisen 2018 Skovbrynet Basecamp projektprisen

• Årets projekt 2018 Estate Medias pris for bedste projekt anno 2018

• World Architecture Award International designpris for bedste arkitektur i projektfasen

• A’Design Award Guldpris for bedste arkitektur, byggeri og strukturelt design

• ICONIC AWARD 2020 International pris for innovativ arkitektur og bedste koncept

• WAN AWARD 2020 International guldpris for bedste fremtidige boligbyggeri

• 8 x MUSE Awards 5 platinpriser, 2 guldpriser, en sølvpris samt årets bedste landskabsarkitektur

• Class of 2020 International pris for bedste bæredygtige projekt i 2020


• Årets Byggeri 2020 Dansk hæderspris for et byggeri i særklasse.Holbæk SportsBy. Årets sportsbygger 2020

• Stejlepladsen - her det gror. 1 pris konkurrence 2019

• Brolæggerprisen, Tingbjerg Biblioteks – og kulturhus 2019

• Tingbjerg kultur – og bibliotek nomineret til Danish Design Award 2019

• Tingbjerg kultur – og bibliotek nomineret til Byens bedste byggeri 2019

• Estate media prisen 2018 TRUST forbillede prisen

• Living Is Giving Beijing Design Week - DCC Beijing 2018

• Arkitektur biennalen Venedig Blox 2018

• BLOX Welcome Home Generationernes hus 2018

• Helhedsplan Östra strand Vaggeryd 1. pris, Sverige 2017

• Louisiana New Nordic Architecture - Plug N Play 2016

• Folehaven bro 1, pris konkurrence. Bygherre Københavns kommune.

• Furuset parkourpark nomineret til Oslo Arkitektur pris 2016

• Selmas Park Göteborg 3. Pris åben idé konkurrence Göteborg 2016

• Sino Ocean, nomineret til World Architecture festival I kategorien bedste masterplan 2014.

• Årets skolebyggeri 2014 Dyvekeskolen.


• Arkitektur Norge, Furuset parkour2013

• Ølstykke Rådhus KAB, vundet konkurrence 2014.

• Øster Marie torv og Sandvig Strandpromenade. Mulighedernes Land publikation af Realdania 2012

• Sandvig Strandpromenade Arkitekturprisen Region Bornholm 2012

• Brøndbystrand Helhedsplan HP4 1. pris indbudt konkurrence 2012

• Hvidovre Hospital, 1. pris konkurrence 2012

• Samaranch memorial Park IOC 1. pris konkurrence 2012

• Børnehuset Midgården, 1. præmie 2012

• Architecture detail technique V cinquiéme facade no 5 EXÉ 2011

• Wangshuang Eco City SCAPE 2011

• Plug N Play 2011 A + U 523

• Caroli Shopping Center, Malmø Sverige, byrumsplan, 1. præmie 2009

• Plug N Play Nyt liv til Ørestaden LANDSKAB 06 2009

• Købmagergade delt 1. pris 2008.

• DTU 326 compute 1. pris konkurrence 2008.

• International New Landscape-sample-we all want to play 2007No.33-Practice Plug N Play

• Sigtuna Loudian town Helene Arkitekten Sverige 04-2006


“Urban space creates life in the city, because they give Copenhageners the opportunity to get out of their apartments and make use of the city’s attractions. This helps to create a community on a local scale. Therefore, it is a huge added value, that the BLOX building and the square in front give something back to the city and the Copenhageners. We can all be thankful and happy for that.”

Ninna Hedeager Olsen

Mayor of Technology and Environment