Vølund, Holbæk, DK


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VAB Vølund

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Thomas Høtoft, +45 59 25 80 12

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Many residential buildings are characterized by typical arrival areas with paths along the houses facades and a lawn or planting in the middle. Between VAB Vølund's homes in Holbæk, Kragh & Berglund and Kullegaard Arkitekter have tried to create an alternative to this traditional approach by reducing the paved area and moving the paths out in the middle of the buildings in a branch pattern. This created "cracks" and could provide an exciting spatial experience between buildings and planting.

The plantation is lush with robust species, flowering shrubs and grazing grasses. The area has also been equipped with a terrace in front of the common house and a playground as well as a hill that can become a toboggan run in the winter. A small water hole, where there is water when it rains, provides ample opportunity for play and is also part of a system that diverts rainwater (LAR). The green car-free landscape increases the biodiversity of the area and