Yixing, China


Yixing Municipality Planning Bureau



Contract period

2016 -2018


Jonas P Berglund


190 ha

Construction cost

13,6 mio. dkk (Activity Square)

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For Yixing Municipality in China, Kragh&Berglund have designed a vision for “Loop Island.”  The project is a landscape and master plan for the entire area around Dongjiu Lake and is an attempt to connect the center of the city with a new “activity loop.” The loop is made up of a new connection for pedestrians and cyclists with the purpose of highlighting and connecting the city’s existing points of interest and bring new important functions such as areas for sports and recreation to the city.

The masterplan was the result of a competition won in 2016 that is now being realized gradually in different phases. “Activity Square” is the first phase and was completed in 2018.

The main idea is to create several attractive and intimate outdoor spaces and thus link the different neighbourhoods to each other and upgrade the local social network. Each element on the square is inspired by a landscape typology with its own atmosphere and each offers different activities.

The multifunctional character of the project is intended for a big and diverse group of users and helps create social sustainability by encouraging physical activity, health, and the gathering of people across different generations for the purpose of socializing and being active.

A close collaboration between Danish and Chinese companies/authorities has resulted in a clear and ambitious vision for the transformation of Yixing into an enjoyable, healthy, and attractive city in China.

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