Sandvig, Denmark

Project leader

Hans Kragh


Bornholm Regional Municipality


Realdania, Sandvig Borgergruppe, Bornholm Regional Municipality

Contract period


Landscape area

8500 m2

Construction cost

7,500,000 DKK

Image Credits

Kragh & Berglund

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When the Bornholm authorities wished to renovate and rethink the island Bornholm’s coastline, Kragh&Berglund was invited to Sandvig to work with the local identity, which was colored by the seasonal influx of tourists. We chose to focus on strengthening local identity through a workshop with the residents of the area. The result was a multifunctional space that could satisfy the needs of both locals and visitors, while simultaneously protecting the coast. A new esplanade guides the beach’s visitors along the windy dunes and all into the water, while a walking bridge makes the water easily accessible to everyone, including water sports practitioners with equipment.

The project was a part of an initiative intended to improve and strengthen the environment along the coastline and provide residents and tourists with new opportunities and experiences. The new esplanade creates variegated zones with gathering places along the bay. Here a new urban space appears with room for markets, outdoor dining, and local festivities; a place where play and sports activities merge. The area’s changeable nature is emphasized by raw wood, concrete, and wind-resistant planting. The design activates not only the users, but also the unique nature surrounding them. 

“The area’s changeable nature is emphasized by raw wood, concrete, and wind-resistant planting.”

“It is a wonderful way to create connections in the area along the bay from the beach to the harbor, and the connection between the city and the coast has been reestablished. The esplanade and reestablishment of the dunes and plantation now appears to be part of the scenic area by Sandvig Bay. The esplanade has become an attractive urban space with seating areas as well as opportunities for markets, cultural events, outdoor dining, and play.”

Winni Grosbøll, Mayor of Bornholm

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