Kalhäll, Järfälla, Sweden



Contract period

2017 -


Maria Höök


3125 km2

Construction cost

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Kragh & Berglund was assigned to design the courtyard for a residential area, the Neighbourhood Bofinken, in Kallhäll, Sweden.

One side of the building faces an urban street close to various activities such as shops, restaurants and ‘Folkets Hus’, connecting Bofinken to the urban life in Kallhäll. However, on the other side of the building, a different environment unfolds. Here, the landscape includes a preserved natural rock within the forest trees.

From the terraces at the building’s facade, the courtyard opens up to a gravel path and a communal wooden deck that follows the natural cliff edge. This creates a fine contrast between a garden-like area with an orderly everyday environment and a more wild and scenic nature with mountains on the horizon and existing trees.

Our intention is to create a vibrant environment that is both functional and appealing for residents to use in their daily lives. At the same time, we aim to preserve the existing ecological values, allowing residents to stay close to the nature.

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