Järfälla, Sweden




Erséus Arkitekter

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Maria Höök


8,800 m2

Construction cost

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Bara Mineraler, Kragh Berglund

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The former industrial area, Bolinder, in Järfälla is gradually being turned into a beautiful new neighborhood. Behind the new residential building on Godsvägen, a green oasis and flowering garden emerge: Bolinder terass. This new housing area offers a big green courtyard for everyone as well as smaller outdoor areas for the residents on the ground floor.

The courtyard becomes a lush and active space with multiple levels that offers several activities. In this way, many people can be involved in different activities simultaneously and share an active everyday life in a green and healthy environment. The different recreational zones for socializing have grills, playgrounds, and a big grass area for those who wish to play ball games or relax among the flowers.

On the slope, organic shapes have been used to create a beautiful flower garden where one can enjoy the sun and the view over the old industrial buildings, and between the plants a central staircase leads to the next level while a ramp has been used to create little plateaus for recreation.

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