”This new area brings the inhabitants closer to the capital, nature, and to each other”


Hedehusene, Denmark




Balder, D&W, Sjælsø, AB Clausen, Sinuz, Gravmand

Contract period



Maika Moerner Jensen


10,000 m2

Construction cost

Image Credits

Kragh Berglund, Dronepixels

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In the suburb Nærheden by Hedehusene, Kragh&Berglund have created a landscape called Lynghaven (Heather Garden) around the new housing blocks by Dissing+Weitling. This new area brings the inhabitants closer to the capital, nature, and to each other – community is at the heart of the project and it is intended to attracted different generations and people. For this purpose, the landscape and outdoor spaces create not just an attractive space for the residents, but a particular nature in the area.

Lynghaven is located in a, by Danish standards, dramatic terrain. We work the terrain and preserve hills and basins.  Winding paths that ensure accessibility are enhanced by peaks and depressions. They soften the height differences, create pockets with morning and evening sun where there is space for playgrounds, picnics, and other activities. The most pronounced path is “The Loop,” which makes it easy to move between school, shopping, the station, and nearby green areas. All slopes are kept below 40 ‰ to eliminate the need for stairs. Up against the buildings and terraces, smaller shrubs, grasses and perennials are planted.

The terrain drops 5 meters and this is used to redirect rainwater down to a large storm water reservoir in the south-west corner. Ditches are established in the terrain as cloudburst roads that collect the majority of the surface water, while a smaller amount is led into the reservoir, where it can be collected and reused. Sustainability is a major priority in the new suburb and reused concrete and soil from the area as well as LED lighting has been used for buildings and constructions.

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