Valby, Denmark


Byggeri København


byK with TRUST (Enemærke & Petersen, Nøhr & Sigsgaard)

Contract period



Mark Sønderup

Landscape area

4,800 m2

Construction cost

134,000,000 DKK

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In collaboration with Enemærke & Petersen and Nøhr & Sigsgaard – as a apart of the TRUSTpartnership – Kragh & Berglund has created the playground for the newly built day care centre, Tvillingehuset. It is located between the existing day care institutions Arken and Nabohuset, and the previously individual grounds are now transformed into one consolidated ground for all three institutions.

The overall concept for the playground encompasses a playful and organic design language that encourages play and movement. Furthermore, it creates fun pathways with many nooks and hiding spots. New plantings divide the large play area into smaller sections, each with its own distinct character. This provides a good variety of experiences and improves orientation.

The area for the day nursery on the west side of the new building borders the nursery area of Arken, and it is furnished with play activities for the very young children.

As a part of the project, there has been a strong focus on providing an effective management of rainwater, which can also become an active and exciting element on the playground.

The forecourt in front of the three day care centres functions as a common collective forecourt along Saxtorphsvej. The day care centres are all facilitated with level-free access, providing direct and fluent connections to the new outdoor areas. Reused materials were utilized for the pavement design along the arrival areas.

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