Gonçalo Vicente

Gonçalo Vicente

Portuguese Architects’ Association

Year of Birth/ 1983

Year of Employment/ 2013

Educational Background/
2001-06 Archite fra University Lusíada, Lisbon, Portugal
1998-01 Artistic School, Lisbon, Portugal

Languages/ Portuguese, English and Spanish

Portuguese Architects’ Association

Previous Employment/
2012/2013 Freelance
2012 Casanova + Hernandez, The Netherlands
2010/11 Esboços e Riscos, Chaves, Portugal
2008/09 Atelier da Vila, Azeitão, Portugal
2007/08 Traçado Regula, Estoril, Portugal

Work Experience/
9 years of studio experience, working with 3D, concept development, design and urban development.

Role /
Project team member

Goncalo is a project team member/leader, and takes part of the design team on both small and large projects, Goncalo has 9 years of studio experience from Portugal, Holland and Denmark.
He is the 3d and revit expert in the office, and uses these skills in almost every project.
Goncalo has been team leader on the recent china projects, and is always focused on creating the best project within the timelimit. Goncalo has an eye for detail, materials and construction.
Hvidovre Hospital, 1st prize in competition with SHL Architects 2013, ongoing 2016
Holbæk sports parc, Holbæk, sports facility, 1st prize in competition 2016
Stranden strandvejen 42 c, Copenhagen, bath and swim facility, ongoing 2016
Brøndby strand, Brøndby, 1st prize in competition, masterplan og designmanual, 2015
Kirsebærhaven School, Copenhagen, school yard, under construction 2016
Cirkusgrunden, Hvidovre, daycare, competition 2015
Lyngbyvej 2, Copenhagen, housing, not buildt
Græse bakkeby, Frederikssund, masterplan, competition 2014
Sdr Campus, Copenhagen, campus, competition 2014
Akaciegården Elderly home, 1st prize in competition, udført  2013
Chongqing, Chongqing, China, sports park, ongoing 2016
Yixing, Yixing, China, Masterplan, project proposal, ongoing 2016
Vanda Qingdao,  Qingdao, China, Masterplan,  Competition 2015
Yaobu, Yaobu, China, parkour park, Complete 2015
Wuqing, Tianjin, China, Urban planning, project proposal 2014
Qingyuan, Qingyuan, China, Sports park, project proposal 2014
Landfill, Taishanxincun, China, Bicycle park, project proposal 2014
Tianjin eco office, China, Tianjin, project proposal 2014