Site: Copenhagen
Area: Modular bicycle-p
Materials: Corten steel, grating, green

The design is based on a repetition of a module, very simple to combine different forms in different locations. It also provides a system that can be easily expanded and moved.

The solution is made up of four basic components and a wire. The model can then be applied in green, solar power, air pumps, counters, charging options, light, information board with counters, etc. It provides a simple and robust modular system that can handle both straight, circular and curved course – and different arrival situations from the sides. It can stand in parking lots, around a tree in a corner, in a place along a winding path. The combinations are endless.

The sides and roof are of the same material – like a piece of folded paper. The folded construction provides strength, a minimum of foundations and can in principle be bolted directly into the existing pavement. The roof can be fitted with bolts to an existing rack. The simple choice of materials makes the system easily recyclable. Perforation with icon of cargo bikes make it easy recognizable in the urban space, and allows the light from inside and from the outside if necessary.

The materials can be varied: corten steel, galvanized steel, painted galvanized steel – red, yellow, dark gray, graffiti, planted green, mirrored stainless. Or you can use composite material of corn and bamboo.
The different materials used in different contexts: at the park begrønnes parking, the graffiti painted by a school, a yellow by children
garden, corten steel at the port, the mirrored stainless steel in the king’s garden, or a black and white model to Victor Borge space.

It is a robust and simple solution with the simple
material is also easy to disassemble and recycle, one of the cornerstones of cradle to cradle.

Cargo bike parking are produced and delivered by Inventarrum. Production takes place in Fredericia in our own factory and with Danish suppliers. Installation of parking solutions made by furniture Space own fitters, ensuring high quality and flexibility. Inventarrum are fully responsible for production, quality and assembly.

Partner: Inventarrum A / S Klaus barrels Jensen Mobile 2185 3010

Copyright: Kragh & amp; Berglund Landscape Architects A / S

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