Sandvig Beach Promenade Under construction

Beach Promenade
Under construction

Sandvig beach promenade is under construction and will open on 14 June. The project is to provide better access to Sandvig beach and increase the use of the area. The beach promenade includes removal of the wave pool, reestablishment of the dunes, promenade, bench along the promenade, stairs and bathing jetties to the water and lighting. Upgrading of the entire area

Tianjin Eco City 5 km2 eco city Competition

Tianjin Eco City
5 km2 eco city

Together with Archiland ltd we have been commissioned to participate in the competition for the central part of Tianjin Eco: the urban design of the city centre as well as the conceptual design of individual buildings. The other participants in the competition are Steven Holl Architects, GMP Architects and Paul Andreu Architecte. Five individual buildings are to mark the end of Tianjin eco valley.

Vordingborg Client consulting services on castle area

Client consulting services
on castle area

Kragh&Berglund has been appointed as client consultant on the castle area at the Danish Castle Centre. The purpose of the consultancy is to ensure the adherence of a pre-determined main approach and design line through the sub areas of the landscape project.

New workplace in Stockholm

New workplace in Stockholm

Our Swedish address and office has moved to Gävlegatan 12 A, Stockholm.

Responsible for the pre-qualification: Nikolaj Holmgren.

for the pre-qualification:
Nikolaj Holmgren.

In future Nikolaj Homgren will be in charge of our pre-qualification material together with Jeremy Andrew Dennis and Hans Kragh. You can contact Nikolaj at nhh (replace-this-with-at)

Søndermarken Vejle The Suburb of the Future Ongoing.

Søndermarken Vejle
The Suburb of the Future

SØNDERMARKEN – VISIONS FOR THE SUBURB OF THE FUTURE. What is the purpose of the suburb of the future? The competition has been arranged by Vejle Municipality in cooperation with Realdania.

“Originally a suburb meant a development outside the city’s defences[2], which in time of war was to be removed, at least to a certain distance, to protect against an attacking enemy, the ‘demarcation line’. The new meaning did not catch on until around the turn of the century (1900) when the city’s defences were abolished because of development that had rendered them ineffective and thereby unnecessary.

Many suburbs in major Danish cities originally developed as small independent towns that did not merge with a large city until a significant period of time. A suburb is therefore often characterised by having its own centre, business life, industrial sector and so on.

Even where suburbs existed in the past, it was not until the middle of the 1800s in connection with the industrialisation that the suburbs started developing in earnest. At first annexation was attempted, however this procedure proved difficult and soon unsuccessful, and so a process of statistical registration of the suburbs was begun in order to identify the cities’ total number of inhabitants[3].

Over time many old suburbs have been merged in connection with city boundary regulations or municipal reforms with the market town with which they were connected in order to achieve an overall administration of the entire adjoining built-up urban area. For example, in the municipal reform in 1970 most suburbs in Denmark were merged with the market town to which they were connected. The concept of suburbs was then only used with regards to the municipalities in the greater Copenhagen area to designate their fusion with Copenhagen. Considering that many old suburbs still constitute more or less well-defined built-up areas, since 1970 it has been more appropriate to talk about districts instead of suburbs in the traditional sense.” From Wikipedia.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to consider the suburb as a part of the city?

Bryghusgrunden The user group was excited

Rasmus L. Andersen from Kragh & Berglund Landskabsarkitekter submitted the proposal to the users and was happy about the presentation as well as the users’ constructive comments. ”I am very happy about the positive response to the landscape project. It has taken time to get to this point but to hear the users’ excitement for the staircase motif that is the recurring element of the playground, and to see how well they responded to ”the Mountain and the Cave” included in the staircase motif, augurs well for the future work”, says Rasmus L. Andersen.

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Dyveke school Rain water and play at Amager

Dyveke school
Rain water and play
at Amager

How do we combine rainwater with play?

Parkour Park Oslo User meeting

Parkour Park
User meeting

The parkour park in Furuset World Park has been implemented with a workshop in Oslo for the users and the client.

Plug N Play Evaluated by Hausenberg

Plug N Play
by Hausenberg

Read the entire report HER

Plug N Play has been evaluated by Hausenberg. The concept of a very urban park designed around a street has proved to be sustainable and capable of improving urban life in Ørestaden.

“It’s my first visit here and
I’ve been here since 2 o’clock. It
is bloody good and really cool that
somebody wants to take steps to
building this kind of thing”

Plug N Play as a city life generator
Why isn’t there more urbanity in Ørestaden?