Move Kiruna 3 km

3 km

Kiruna conversion, or the city of Kiruna fled, is the ongoing project that involves moving parts of the city of Kiruna, Norrbotten County in northern Sweden. This is a result of mining in Kiirunavaara causes deformations in the ground, which move towards the city. The City of Kiruna Municipality has decided to city center should be moved to the east [1], approximately 3 km to 67 ° 51’1 “N 20 ° 18’2” O.

Mining in Kiirunavaara occurs underground with the so-called sub-level caving. This means that it breaks off and unload the iron ore from below the ore body. Waste rock is then allowed to fill the void that the ore is left behind. Orebody in Kiirunavaara inclined at approximately 60 degrees towards Kiruna. The rock mass overlying the ore body is called the hanging wall, while the ore body rests on is called the footwall. The slope of the ore makes the waste rock from the hanging wall collapses in and fills the cavities formed during ore extraction. Tensions in the rock makes the rock above the crack and gradually follow the downward path. The displacement is spreading upward and markdeformationer occurs at the surface, which over time develop into cracks.
Kiruna is located on the hanging side, and it is because of this that the city must be moved, not destroyed by ground displacements.
To markdeformationer occurs is a power of sublevel caving and it has long been known that the land affected by mining in Kiruna. In the 1970s, you had to cordon off the town island, which was very close to the quarry area, because of the cracks that occurred in the soil. The houses demolished since and people had to move from there. LKAB also drained Southern Luossajärvi to avoid markdeformationerna would cause the water from leaking into the sea mine. Dry facility began during the 1990s and is currently closed.

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The team consists of:

COBE Aps (Copenhagen)
Kragh & Berglund (Copenhagen and Stockholm)
Moe & Bread Farm (Rødovre)
Yngve Andrén Consultancy AB (Stockholm)
Boris Brorman Jensen (Aarhus)

Fantastic task.