Site: Klemensker och Østerlars, Bornholm
Area: 10 km
Status: Under construction

Path systems are a part of Realdania’s ‘Land of Opportunities’ and the important element in this case is to make the great natural resources of Bornholm accessible. The proposal makes use of the existing possibilities in a new way, for example by combining an existing use with an open space or a lake with a footpath and a shelter in order to create a positive synergy.
The ideas have their roots in a workshop where we provided inspiration and made sketches over a weekend so that the residents could see the direct result of the workshop; we functioned as a catalyst by sketching and visualising the residents’ ideas directly.
The purpose of the new path system in Præstemosen is to entice the permanent residents, as well as the tourists of the area, into the landscape and through the area’s special localities and powerful nature experiences.
Under the proposal a new footpath/running path will be established through the cultural landscape of Præstemosen. The path is established at the bottom of the extensive valley with a clear route as contrast to the soft shapes of the open grazing land. Orange wood poles placed at each 5 metres mark the path in the landscape and function as a landmark for Præstemosen. At the same time the existing path around the lake in Præstemosen is upgraded with a new surface. The paths are connected to each other.
Along the path system specific nature experiences are underpinned through the shaping of equipment and space in order to focus on the location and to highlight the different potential for activities. For example, a wooden deck and a narrow fishing bridge at the lake are established where you can experience the water close up. Near the town inn, on the slopes, shelters are established in a grove of Himalayan birch. The black painted shelters surrounded by white-stemmed birch function as gateways between the cultural landscape and the town. From here you can enjoy the view and see the sun setting over the moor. To the west of the moor a simple obstacle course for children and grownups is established with stumps and planks. In the field north of the hollow a wooden deck is sited that functions both as an exhibition platform and as a vantage point. A hill has been cleared of trees and brushwood, and functions as a place for meditation and contemplation.
The paths guide the visitor between these and a number of selected places along the edge of the gravel pit and into the open landscape around Klemensker.

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