Place: Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitet – Ny gårdhave
Area: 300 m²
Status: Realized 2009

The floor of the courtyard space will be extended to the facades and the building will be completely exposed from the planting that is grouped in the middle of the courtyard in a herbaceous border. The paving consists of four bands of paving in dark 10×50 cm stones running along the patio and creating a connection to and between the indoor rooms. The stones change size towards the centre of the courtyard. 50×100 cm slabs are used from the facades, as on the floor inside, over a 25×50 cm slab and all the way down to a 12.5×25 cm stone dividing off the central planting. The central herbaceous border divides the space and creates potential for placing several groups of tables and chairs so that large and small groups can spend time in the courtyard at the same time. The planting is kept simple and low. Dense ground cover is planted at the bottom with a simple, sculptural tree, witch hazel, which with its early yellow-orange flowers and striking autumn colours will create variation and focus in the yard. The perennials include garden perennials as well as ornamental grasses planted in groups. The purpose is to create a bed that changes colours throughout the growing season but is also decorative during the winter months with withered seed stems and tussock grass.

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