Site: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Area: 1.900 m2
Status: Under construction, 1st prize.

The main idea behind the landscape design of the patios is based on the linkage between a private garden and a public green area: to create a highly diverse, luxurious area that is easy to maintain and that is connected to the neighbouring areas and has distinctive characteristics at the same time!

The public path from Flintholm Allé leads between the buildings into the centre of the public green area via an asphalted path/slope that softly winds through the landscape and goes from street level up to the 120 cm higher level of the park where it joins the main path.

The path is surrounded by low plants that create a clear border to the path and characterise the entire patio facility. The low plants are repeated as crossings from the parking facilities to the common areas. Four plant wedges thus envelope the grassy common areas and almost imperceptibly mark a zone change from public into private areas, absorbing the elevation differences and creating a tension in the terrain.

The wedges are connected to the planting at the Magnet houses and the Hedorf Residence Hall. The planting is low and well arranged, subdivided into areas with robust ground cover perennials and ornamental grasses and areas with natural grasses and spring bulbs. Low shelter trees / large bushes such as cornelian cherry and sweetbriar

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