Location: Malmö, Sweden
Area: 2 streets
Status: Installation, 14 days 2004

The lighting is divided into three different themes: Suspended lamps, projected images and illumination through glass. Common for all themes is the textural effect, the materialisation of the lighting and the fact that it thereby becomes possible to touch the lighting. In the street and on the facades images with varying advertising subjects are projected. The fields dissolve the street and enable pedestrians and drivers to experience the advertisement as something enjoyable. In a few places pedestrian areas are created from crushed recycled glass. The glass is illuminated from the side and functions both as walkway material and reflector.

Materialization of light. Experiences in night space. Tube shaped electrical fittings hang as luminous columns along the street projecting luminous rings onto the surface. The light produces a sculptural effect in the street scenery.

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