Site: Vejle, Denmark

Area: 18.000 m2

Status: Sketchproposal, under construction
The proposal for Nørremarkscenteret is based on the overall desire to add a palette of activities and functions to the urban space. The proposal involves transformation and changeability through user controlled lighting as well as different lighting with variation over time. The proposal operates with an urban and raw approach to the use of materials that is reflected in the surfacing as well as in the street furniture. The asphalt surfacing interacts with the building facades and the different activities are marked on the surfacing with simple lines. In the parking area activity zones are marked for activities such as basketball, skating and water play. This allows the area to achieve a degree of multifunctionality.
The interaction between the different users and activities contributes to enhancing the experience of the multifunctional area that provides space for physical activities as well as for peace and relaxation

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