Site: Vejle, Denmark
Area: 15.000 m2
Status: Realized 2011

Sustainable environments in the form of planted rainwater basins have been integrated in the surrounding landscape in connection with a new housing development in Uhre. Surface water from the roofs and the permanent paving of the development is collected and cleaned in the rainwater basins. At the same time surplus rainwater is collected from the surrounding green areas. The rainwater basins are divided into terraces of varying forms and sizes. Surface water from roads and roofs is directed to the upper terraces where it is directed through connected basins to the lower terraces when the water level in the basins rises to above 15 cm.

The rainwater basins are also used to create sense experiences for all the residents in the area. The terraces are planted with monocultures of wild perennials and grasses of different height and colour that together constitute a striking and precise image according to the seasons and the amount of precipitation.

Rows of trees of different native species form precise lines that emphasise the dramatic poetry of the landscape by crossing the contour lines and simultaneously directing the eye to the surrounding landscape. Red alder trees are planted in the upper terraces. The trees will often be flooded and stand as sculptural multi-stemmed trees in the water surface.

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