Location: Shanghai, China
Area: 45,000 m2
Status: Invited competition, 2nd place

The intention is to create an attractive and modern pre-space for Shanghai Western Railway Station (SWRS) with a changing landscape that adapts to the crowds and the various activities that unfold on the site. The theme of the square is a modern and urban interpretation of the rice field – a beautiful, poetic landscape that changes throughout the day and throughout the year.

The square with mirrored water surfaces and the bright and reflective starry sky will create a unique landscape – a landmark of the area.

The landscape is created with deep respect for the agricultural tradition – one of humanity’s most important professions of all time. Agriculture, where harmony between nature and human culture is maintained, is seen as the basis of civilization. It creates beautiful landscapes where aesthetics and function go hand in hand. The changing water level will go from a large open space
where people can move freely and different types of events can be held such as markets and concerts, to a larger landscape of water surfaces that reflect the new train station, the sky and the star lighting. The water depth is superficial and makes it possible to always pass through the water mirror. The main arteries always appear dry.

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