Site: Gentofte, Denmark
Area: 12.000 m2
Status: Realized, 2009

The renovation of Skovshoved School ended up in a large excavation in the outdoor area which resulted in a very steep slope in a central playground area. The proposal for the playground takes its starting point in this slope and in the terrain and uses it actively in the draw up of the playground. The theme and the narrative of the playground area is a river delta that runs through the area. A central blue river of rubber asphalt meander through the playground landscape and orange rubber asphalt islands is placed in the area on top of the slope. The river continues down the slope as a waterfall. In the river there is different play elements such as seesaw ships, tree stumps to jump to and from and pieces of driftwood to walk on to the islands from as well as ropes that you can pull yourself ashore in. The different play elements, in their placing, give the opportunity for different movements on the playground. Both the islands as well as the river are laid out in rubber asphalt in strong colors that contrast to the surrounding asphalt surfaces.

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