Site: Gentofte, Denmark
Area: 2.500 m2
Status: Realized 2007

The schoolyard is developed in close co-operation with the pupils and the school’s management. This part of the school’s outdoor area is primarily for the older pupils to be used for more physical activities and areas for observation, conversation and relaxation.

The space is constructed as an overall green area with a slightly hilly space-creating terrain which provides several spaces and niches and variation. The planting emphasises the hilly landscape’s space-creating effect. In order to promote physical activity the area has two small ball parks, a beach volley field, balancing bars and stumps, a supernova carousel, a bird’s nest swing, a robinia maze and a large abstractly shaped climbing sculpture. In addition to this, amphisteps have been incorporated in the terrain together with Kragh&Berglund’s specially designed fibre-glass benches. Inspired by the African savannah the benches are zebra striped and the rubber asphalt in the hilly landscape is in the colours of the giraffe. The children have participated in the design process and in the prioritisation.

Through simple means the schoolyard has become varied in space and the entrance to the school through the hilly landscape is different and interesting

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