Site: Malmø, Sweden
Area: 10.000 m2
Status: Parallel task

Through restructuring and rebuilding of an area that reflects the history of civilization in the harbour of Västra Hamnen in Malmö a new public space with a strong identity is created. The new urban space must be robust an able to adapt to changes over time. The area is changing from being an active industrial harbour, with large and smaller companies, into a new and attractive city district with living areas, places of work and new urban spaces. To ensure the readability and the cultural values of the area, few and simple layers are added to the space. The new layers are carried out in a contemporary idiom and in modern materials. Through a combination of pavingstones, light planting and lighting, a scenery is created for everyday use as well as for different activities and events. The aim is to create a varied and inspirering ourdoor milieu that can contribute to stimulating the users needs in different active, passive and recreative contexts.
The yellow bench surrounding the former dockyards is thought as a characteristic scenographical element in fibre glass, that through its contrast to the existing is to underline and contribute to new uses of the urban space Ubåten.

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