Site: Shanghai, China
Area: 1.000 M2
Status: Realized 2010

Project title:  Urban farming Place: Area: Developer: Project start:  December 2009 Status:   Ongoing

The overall concept for the urban farming roof garden is to create a garden with a biotechnical landscape. The design is a composition of high-tech agriculture and an artistic statement. The floor is covered with a yellow rubber material to stimulate the contrast between the green plants and yellow surface. The floor will give a sense of silent walk and the inside of the structure will be a place for meditation and rest. The design is defined by lightweight boxes with various amounts of eatable plants such as vegetables and herbs and different fruits. The plants are supplied with artificial daylight and tap and rain water from the irrigation system. Solar panels placed on the railing of the roof garden, supplies the light system in boxes with energy. Big aquariums with koi carps are cleaning the recycled water from algae. The maintenance of the plant boxes is done by the hand and from the metal ladders inside.The structure is illuminated by the fluorescent tube with artificial daylight that are fixed inside the metal frame and will make the structure glow.

Project title:  Vertical Garden, Xinshiyi Garage Place: Area: Developer: Project start:  December 2009 Status:Ongoing

The overall concept for the green wall is to create a symbol of landscape/ nature type of China and is working artistic with motive of a riverbed in the Wuhan district. The design is defined by various amounts of evergreen plants and a riverbed made of pumice stone. A poetic mist is sprayed out from the pumice stone and is symbolizing the sub tropic forest. The mist will cool the climate at the main entrance and provide moist to the air. A special LED lighting will glow and illuminate the wall like a night sky covered with stars.

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