Site: Växsjö, Sweden
Area: ca 50.000 m2
Status: Parallel task 2008

– A gentle approach to the existing city

– An attractive and exciting entrance to the city

– A central junction that connects the city

– New point de vues, open spaces and buildings

– A level-free multifunctional floor

– A roofed market place

– An open space to the lake that connects the centre with the most important recreational area in Växjö

– A new traffic place at the station

– A promenade along the south side to the museum park

– More pedestrian precinct

– A roofed pedestrian precinct with roofed parking for bicycles, combined sun – shelter – light

– Better bicycle and pedestrian connections at the railway

– A visible strategy for the reuse and treatment of rainwater

– The city’s sustainable profile is made visible

Keywords: Visible strategy for reuse and treatment of rainwater

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