Pre-qualified for the development of Sandvika, Norway

for the development
of Sandvika, Norway

Kragh&Berglund has been pre-qualified for the parallel assignment ‘Sandvika, Norway’ together with COBE, DRMA, Via Trafik and Yngve Andrèn.

The purpose of the parallel assignment is twofold and the two parts are to be seen in relation to each other:

• Demonstrate how the station area’s functionality, capacity, accessibility and adjustment to the city can be improved.
• Show how Sandvika downtown east can be developed and revitalised in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.

The parallel assignment will be used as an input to clarify the future use of the area through the area’s zone division and detailed plans. The competition will also be used as a basis for other work on other initiatives and revitalisation of the downtown area, which will be performed by the municipality and / or landowners, companies and other relevant parties involved in the project.

One of the purposes of the parallel assignment is to bring different strategies and solutions to a complex and challenging task.

A foundation for a gradual development showing initiatives and short-term and long-term potential is to be prepared.