Copenhagen, DK


25,223 m2


Byggeri København (ByK)

Contract Period



ByK med TRUST, Kejd, E&P, KANT arkitekter, Nøhr&Sigsgård, Norconsult, Dominia


The new campus containing Damhusengens School and the daycare facility Engen is intended to unify a large area in Vanløse between urban and rural. The area is envisaged as part of the neighborhood with squares, parks, and edges facing the road. A transport system and safe school roads will be designed for the surrounding roads.

The sheer size of the area allows access from all sides, and the shape of the buildings and the landscape promotes this accessibility. The arrival zone is designed as a park that surrounds the school, and plants, bike parking, and recreational areas dot the areas facing the city. The park integrates the school into the city around it and becomes a green oasis for students and the locals alike. The park leads into a large inner schoolyard where it is possible to rest, play and learn among plants and trees. The schoolyard has a long and irregular shape that connects the school’s many buildings. An area called Lysningen is large enough to assemble all students and teachers. This area is attached to a 100 m running track that can be reworked and extended with multiple loops around the school’s campus.


The landscape design for Damhusengens School is inspired by the various types of vegetation distributed across the school’s area and its ability to create opportunities for the students to play and learn. Keeping the existing green structures and integrating new ones into them will improve the area’s microclimate and help keep the new plants healthy. The different zones extending out to the surrounding roads create a unique scenic map for the school.

The rainwater from the roofs and fortified open spaces will be collected and recycled according to the principles for water sensitive urban design (WSUD). Surface solutions will help prevent basements etc. from flooding. The project includes qualitative and visible rainwater management that can be used for both educational and recreational purposes. Green roofs cover sheds and bike storages spaces, help reduce the amount of rainwater and allow herbs and other types of low vegetation to increase biodiversity. Measuring water pressure with rain gauges, and water channels Rainwater can be part of science classes through use of rain gauges and water channels with partitions where water pressure can be measured.