Oslo, NO


3.000.000 m2

Project status

Parallel Commission 2011


COBE, Asplan Viak, Yngve Andrén


The city's social infrastructure – urban life.

The development of a strong social urban life in Gjersrud Stensrud presents one primary challenge: how to create an urban space and hierarchical structure in the city?

The solution is found in the fusion of different housing and landscape qualities into one united city with a clear city centre and a clear urban hierarchy.

The city's social structure is built around a common nerve in the low-lying housing development of the city to which the surrounding high-lying housing developments are linked. The common activity areas in all three housing developments are concentrated around this backbone in a clear hierarchy of urban space and functions. In this way all three housing developments become a part of a holistic urban life that signals high functionality and social diversity.


The common backbone is linked to the existing city of Bjørndal in order create a consistent loop through Bjørndal and Gjersrud Stensrud. Central urban functions are linked to each other and preference is given to the soft traffic of pedestrians and cyclists. In this way a dynamic win-win situation is achieved in which both urban areas benefit from existing and future facilities. Gjersud Stensrud may use the established facilities in Bjørndal, such as schools, kindergartens and shopping facilities, and Bjørndal in turn may use the future facilities and urban qualities of Gjersrud Stensrud. The linking of Bjørndal and Gjersrud Stensrud creates a potential for the development of an integrated and dynamic urban life for the entire area.