Ølstykke, DK


10.700 m2


Ølstykke Almennyttige Boligselskab

Project Status

Completed 2019

Collaboration with

DOMUS Arkitekter, Oluf Jørgensen A/S


In collaboration with DOMUS architects and Oluf Jørgensen  A/S, Kragh & Berglund has designed the outdoor environment around the new residental houses at Rådhusvænget in Ølstykke.

The project’s vision is to create an urban landscape that weaves in to Ølstykke’s green city structure, from the open landscape with parks and sports’ facilities to the green urban spaces and the more intimate, private and semi-private gardens and courtyards.

A movement that creates a unity an a variation, architectonic and spatial continuity and structural readability, besides holding together the area’s sporadic and unhomogenic buildings. The green urban spaces work as a network with alternating, informal meeting places, as a supplement to the close contacts of the neighbours, common spaces, housing cooperatives and institutions in the area.


The lot consists of a long piece of sloping landscape, from north to south, with a hight difference of 3 meters from the southwest corner to the northeast.

The rainwater is lead through the block to a lowly situated water mirror. It is expected that the local rainwater system doesn’t have to be connected to the sewer system. The water, in it’s many forms, will help increasing the garden’s biodiversity.

The network of paths gives good accessibility and is the social backbone of the neighbourhood. The pathway creates small places here and there and connects to all play areas and sandboxes.