Sandvig Beach Promenade inaugurated.

Sandvig Beach Promenade

Sandvig boardwalk was inaugurated June 27. This has Sandvig recovered their identity as an attractive destination. Sandvig has been coupled to the beach and the great Popes Palac Sandvig bay and Sandvig has new amenity value and use value. They’ve got a promenade, a place, a new dune landscape, a cave, Bornholm longest bench – they’ve got a destination and goal of Sandvig’s citizens and tourists. We are proud to have helped make a difference and have created new values of Sandvig. Congratulations on the beach promenade.

See the link for TV Bornholm.

See link to bonholmsk Gazette.

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Thanks to Gugga Zakariasdottir a formidable effort for 7 years.

Thanks to PL contract, they have done a most excellent job and we would like to give them a personal recommendation along the way. Woodwork on the seafront is fantastic.

Thanks to Realdania to support the project without their support to export the project would not have happened.

Thanks to Sandvig Civic Association for 7 years to support the project.

Read more about the project here: Sandvig boardwalk