Date: 11-06-2018

Generationernes Hus in Aarhus is currently featured at the exhibition “Welcome Home” at Blox in Copenhagen. Kragh & Berglund has created the outdoor spaces, which sets an important frame for the projects theme; “Fellowships”

Generationernes Hus is a modern proposal on how to accommodate all generations under a single roof, and is the first of its kind in Denmark. The focus for the project are on the future ways of living together, and how new social fellowships can emerge across generations and life situations.

Generationernes Hus is built upon the vision that, by caring, making new friendships and moving prejudice, it is possible to create new relations between children, young people and the elderly. It will be a house for everyone, and a place where everyone is welcome.

The project can be seen at the exhibition until the 23rd of September.

More info on the project here:

More info about the exhibition ”Welcome Home” here:

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