Site: Beijing, China
Area: 300.000 m2
Status: Under construction

Future Changyang outlet is coherent and rich with a wealth of individual experiences that surprise and caught the visitors. Changyang utlet, were the shopping and surrounding landscape brings an extra positive and interesting dimension.

The main concept is to work with an island theme with changing sceneries and were different kinds of energy flows. Water, forest and action zones are the prime scenarios of change within the outlet area. These themes will all be reflected in the interior of the shopping centre and create an interesting connection between inside and outside. The area will operate as a unified area with various sub-areas inside and outside the outlet. Here, life takes place through common activities, individual absorption and interaction between people. The area stretches its way into the connecting main street of the outlet centre. With its unique location of different themes that creates attraction
for its visitors. It should be a unique experience that you don’t find in other outlets because it plays with visitors senses. Each sub-area has its own, individual characteristics, just as a human brain with its folded nerve system and concentrated areas that registers and communicates each single sense of perception. The movement between these different atmo¬spheres and stimulations of the senses – such as sounds, scents, material mix-tures, physical activities etc.- is the fundamental vitality for the proposal. Central to the experience of the proposal is the flowing movement of the pavement and space layout through the heart of the outlet centre. In some areas of the outlet area the paths are narrow, in other areas they a zone of luxuriant forest can be inte¬grated with wild plantation. Some areas can have wild honeysuckle and ferns while other areas in the zone along the path consists of a theme of wetlands with trees in a water mirrors. On a late summer’s night you can walk through grass fields and starlight or on an early morning see the mist rising from the water ponds.

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