Site: Kagsåen Herlev
Area: 3.500 m2
Status: Realized 2012

The proposal is based on the creation of a new landscape, which will develop over time as the present inconveniences from Kagsåen are reduced. The reestablishment project must take the residents into account and protect their open areas and gardens as well as establishing a new stream layout with a double bottom.
The area must be kept as an extensive park / planting with indigenous, robust perennials. This inspiration for this is taken from the Dutch ‘heemsparks’. On the eastern bank a luxurious planting is established as a buffer between the stream and the housing association, and on the west side the bank is kept as a cut grass area with a small gravel path.
The planting lies in soft waves from the stream creating the image of movement in the water. The choice of species consists of equal plants creating a beautiful and luxurious landscape that will change over time.
The project also worked on collecting rainwater from the paved areas and transporting it into the stream in order to create an increased water flow and reduce the pressure on the sewer system.

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