Tianjin, China


50.000 m2

Projektets status

Nominated WAF 2014


Today the urban development has separated city and nature. The city of tomorrow is an evolution of the old city – just better and more intelligent. It provides better life conditions for its citizens. The buildings are more beautiful. The microclimate and environment are more attractive. The city of tomorrow is a process and designed with intelligent solutions.

Both the situation for nature and the situation for people should be better after this project than before. It produces more electricity than it consumes, it should give something back to the city in form of parks, promenades, it should give cultural and social life, it should improve people’s possibilities, it should improve possibilities for the wildlife, and there should be a vast variety of botanical species, even the river will gradually be cleaner through the water cleansing system . It has to be a generous city that welcomes its citizens with new sensations and feelings.

Green is the foundation for the new eco city valley; it ensures the quality of living and an attractive environment for the visitors and the citizens in this town. The green qualities of this area ensures that we achieve a more clean town, that rainwater stays on the area, that people get impressions and emotions that makes them want to return, it provides wind shield, it provides shadow, it provides a botanical diversity that exceeds the situation today. It provides a generous and welcoming feeling for the people that visit the area.