Yaobu Parkour Park open for free use

Site: Yaobu, China
Area: 35.450 m2
Status: on construction

The mainly task of the project is to bring a new layer able to turn the space more alive and enthusiastic, with activities and other leisure areas.
Our proposal is to transform the site in a active park, open to everybody, near the city.
This park leads the place to another commercial and economic level, valuing it and transforming it in a center and relevant place for opportunities and trades.

The project is divided in two parts.
The parkour park, that will be in the south of the project scope, working as a meet up point.
And some other spread activities in the project as climbing walls, climbing frames, rolls of grasses to walk in, and multifunctions benches, where you can have a rest or you cans also use for other activities like parkour!

Copyright landscape: Kragh & Berglund Landskabsarkitekter A/S